‘SMART ENAMEL’ is the first-ever collection in the nail and cuticle care product market which solves comprehensively all problems of the nail plate and cuticle. This time-tested collection is called ‘Popular Smart Enamel’ and consists of 28 enriching preparations focused on treating and preventing malnourished and damaged nails while looking beautiful. ‘SMART ENAMEL’ preparations are divided into 8 groups, each of which offers a unique therapy for your personal nail needs.
Advanced and revolutionary formaldehyde- and toluene-free formulas were developed into finely-balanced preparations using a special combination of ingredients to help you achieve the precise kind of nail care you require. Specifically enriched with vitamins, plant oils and micronutrients, each preparation in the ‘SMART ENAMEL’ product line is perfect for its specialized purpose in order to help you achieve the healthiest, most beautiful nails possible.


“Hands are a true lady’s hallmark.” Every woman knows the truth in this famous phrase by Coco Chanel. To be the owner of beautiful, manicured nails is every woman’s dream. A fine manicure empowers a woman and helps her express her identity. The Russian company FRENCHI Products LLC, benefiting from the supervision and technology of the American FRENCHI Products, Inc., presents its two color polish collections: FRENCHI strengthening polish and ‘Smart Enamel’ strengthening polish.


Perfect nails and cuticles, without blemish, are every woman’s dream. To reach such perfection is possible only with regular care. When problems do occur, special nail and cuticle care and maintenance preparations will help you solve them. Your nail structure is unique to you, requiring specialized nail care catered to your specific needs.  
[Editor’s note: use of “rare” plants might not fare well in the current economic climates of most of the English-speaking countries where “sustainability” is a big issue. Hence, I changed the word to “exotic:” a more positive word in today’s climate.]
‘SMART OIL’ products are well-suitable for any type of nails and cuticles (With a choice of 5 preparations every woman will find the product most appropriate to her unique nail and cuticle situation.)
‘SMART OIL’ is a line of preparations using natural oils from exotic plants known for their medicinal and healing properties. These are found in their unique geographic locations and contribute specially to the natural ingredients found in this line of products.
All the oils have a pleasant aroma,  are non-allergenic and will not leave oil stains. This soft, non-damaging oil will improve your nail and cuticle with a health-improving, strengthening effect to return your nails and cuticles to their natural, healthy and manicured look.


For the best nail polish removal, the Russian company FRENCHI Products LLC, benefiting from the supervision and technology of the American FRENCHI Products, Inc., offers the most state-of-the-art preparations. They are acetone-free, do not irritate the cuticle, and do not leave white spots. The formulas are enriched with plant extracts and vitamins. Due to such enriched, well-balanced formulas, these nail polish removers contribute to an intense growth of strong and healthy nails. They can also be used for removing polish from artificial nails.


This unique preparation is based these 4 oils: sweet almond, safflower, cacao and lavender. These oils work together to improve skin elasticity, tissue respiration and nail restoration while sharply reducing signs of aging. This cream has both regenerating and antiseptic properties. A finely-balanced combination of the natural extracts of chamomile and ginseng, coupled with beeswax and vitamin E, nourishes, protects and moisturizes the skin, to take your problem skin and effectively restore the natural health of your hands.


FRENCHI Products LLC presents its newest collection of FRENCHI G3 acrylic-based nail and cuticle care products.
FRENCHI G3 acrylic-based preparations offer second-to-none protection of your nails.
Due to the acrylic base of this preparation, your nails can become even, smooth and strong. The polish forms a coat that reduces environmental damage from high humidity and the  use of household cleaning products. The nylon threads cover the nail plate with a thin, invisible grid to strengthen it even more. The other ingredients contribute to strengthen the nail and prevent peeling.
The novelty of the season from FRENCHI Products is an amazing palette of acrylic-based color polishes which consists of the 40 brightest, most fashionable and most glamorous shades following the latest fashion trend for multiple color tonality.
The new collection of FRENCHI G3 acrylic-based color polishes is the aroma of your mood!
[Editor’s note: “Reticle” has no useful meaning in English relating to nails and nail polish. “Grid” was the closest I could come to the scientific term “reticle” which relates to lenses and optometrics.]