FRENCHI Products LLC presents its newest collection of FRENCHI G3 acrylic-based nail and cuticle care products.
FRENCHI G3 acrylic-based preparations offer second-to-none protection of your nails.
Due to the acrylic base of this preparation, your nails can become even, smooth and strong. The polish forms a coat that reduces environmental damage from high humidity and the  use of household cleaning products. The nylon threads cover the nail plate with a thin, invisible grid to strengthen it even more. The other ingredients contribute to strengthen the nail and prevent peeling.
The novelty of the season from FRENCHI Products is an amazing palette of acrylic-based color polishes which consists of the 40 brightest, most fashionable and most glamorous shades following the latest fashion trend for multiple color tonality.
The new collection of FRENCHI G3 acrylic-based color polishes is the aroma of your mood!
[Editor’s note: “Reticle” has no useful meaning in English relating to nails and nail polish. “Grid” was the closest I could come to the scientific term “reticle” which relates to lenses and optometrics.]