‘Maximum femininity and charm’ – this is the slogan for «FRENCHI Products» new ‘Spring-Summer’ collection of the ‘mini Art’ series.

Each kit consists of 5 exquisitely-tempting tones and cheerful shades. The spring-summer collection has plenty of living colors such as green, blue sky, azure sea, exotic flowers and berry tints. Each tone is light, delicate and fresh; both beautiful and trendy in its own way. Together, they provide perfect harmony for a fluffy, airy dress of the New Look style or a summer apron dress, creating an image of tender romance. It is simply impossible to let these five trendy colors of the ‘Spring-Summer’ collection slide by!

Kit № 1

Frenchi Весна-Лето набор №1
Kit № 2

Frenchi Весна-Лето набор №2