Perfect nails and cuticles, without blemish, are every woman’s dream. To reach such perfection is possible only with regular care. When problems do occur, special nail and cuticle care and maintenance preparations will help you solve them. Your nail structure is unique to you, requiring specialized nail care catered to your specific needs.  
[Editor’s note: use of “rare” plants might not fare well in the current economic climates of most of the English-speaking countries where “sustainability” is a big issue. Hence, I changed the word to “exotic:” a more positive word in today’s climate.]
‘SMART OIL’ products are well-suitable for any type of nails and cuticles (With a choice of 5 preparations every woman will find the product most appropriate to her unique nail and cuticle situation.)
‘SMART OIL’ is a line of preparations using natural oils from exotic plants known for their medicinal and healing properties. These are found in their unique geographic locations and contribute specially to the natural ingredients found in this line of products.
All the oils have a pleasant aroma,  are non-allergenic and will not leave oil stains. This soft, non-damaging oil will improve your nail and cuticle with a health-improving, strengthening effect to return your nails and cuticles to their natural, healthy and manicured look.